One of those Days?

Yesterday, my facebook friend hosted a facebook live where she talked about how we as people allow the little things and beginning of our days to completely ruin our days. I realized how true it is! If we wake up tired or crabby or bad things happen we constantly repeat to ourselves “As if anything else could go wrong today!” and it does. I’ve been having some bad anxiety lately and unless something exceptionally good happens, letting myself feel down. The things build up. Instead, it’s important to notice the first GOOD thing that happens to you every day. Today, I woke up and found out that Patti Murin and Chris Evans  FINALLY met and it filled me with joy. I knew and declared today was gonna be a good day. And guess what? IT WAS. Part of my job is monitoring a little girl’s behavior and today she was the best behaved she’s been in our two months together. We had a dance party for Star Wars day at lunchtime. AND I think I did really well on an interview for a position next school year. Today was the first really good day I’ve had work in a while and I feel very happy! For #mentalhealthawarenessmonth I wanted to share in addition to the bad sides of how we feel some day, it’s important to share and notice the GOOD! #Maythe4th be with all of you! What was the first good thing to happen to all of you today?


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