Spring, Returning

I was reflecting after reading an article about how incidences of suicides, mental health hospitalizations, etc. Increase this time of year. Seasonal depression, anxiety, can be increased by the cold, dark, and stress. In the words of “Spring Awakening”, “Wind always wants to creep up and haunt you, With its heartache and its sorrow, winter wind sings and it cries.” A lot of attention can also be brought to potentially triggering things. I’ve been suffering due to the lack of warmth and time able to spend outdoors and active, alone with thoughts more and more. Feeling insecure, alone, isolated. Despite Christmas and my birthday both being in Winter, it’s a pretty sad season for everyone. The world feels lifeless and so do I sometimes, as I’m sure a lot of us do. There’s a reason “cold” is a metaphor for “unfeeling”

But the good thing about winter is: its almost over. “The stars too, they tell of spring returning”. Spring is my second favorite time of year (I do love Fall). Although we still have another month of winter, I am going to be filling it with so many exciting things. And life is so exciting and will truly be able to blossom in the Spring. I’m holding onto the hope that the same will be true to myself. That is the beauty of this world, whenever its Winter, Spring will return and before we can blink Summer will be here with all the joy that brings.


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