I don’t think there is anyone on Earth who hasn’t dealt with insecurity, or as it is defined “uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence”. We all experience doubting our abilities or lacking positive thoughts about ourselves. Having anxiety, I’m certainly no stranger to this. While I love social media, unfortunately, it can definitely be a negative. It’s not difficult to fall down the rabbit hole when you see people you follow on instagram or twitter post a selfie and get 300 likes and 50 retweets and quotes like “OMG HOW ARE YOU EVEN THIS PRETTY?” or a video singing with the same- hundred likes, “WHEN WILL YOU BE ON BROADWAY?” “goddess” etc. It’s easy to feel inferior when someone else posts a selfie and gets 2 likes. In a 2018 world, it’s tough to not compare oneself or think that less “likes” means less value. We cannot equate our value to the amount of retweets we get on Twitter. Life is not a competition. While I let this doubt seep in “I’m not talented or pretty so it doesn’t matter”, the truth is that none of that is true because what matters is happiness and what we create. Don’t post for others, just do it cause it makes you happy. Don’t live your life for other’s approval. And if you need, talk it out. It’s also okay to feel like crap and need reassurance from loved ones that no, you don’t suck and you aren’t hideous just because anxiety is being a bitch today. Or media tells you that you need to be thin, but with feminine curves, not too short but also not a giant, or whatever b.s. Body stereotype is currently preferred by industries trying to sell something today. We all have value. We’re all beautiful, no matter what we look like, and it’s ok to rock that! We also have value outside of what we look like and our abilities- it’s okay if you’re not the best singer or soccer player, etc. in the world. We don’t need to be the best in the world at anything- we just need to be us and live our lives in a way that feels authentic, and makes us happy. And spread love to others- support them and what they do, help them to do the same. And tell fear to bite it, because it can never help us. Just live, breathe, and be happy. That’s how we feel secure, no matter what’s going on around us.


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