Art Matters: Love, Truth, and Healing

Art is truth. Truth is love. Love is healing.

Art is truth. An actor isn’t just telling a story. A writer isn’t just writing a story. We are telling the truth. We are allowing ourselves to examine humanity.

Good art imitates life. That’s how it tells the truth- by showing us about ourselves and asking us to examine ourselves and represent us- our good and bad. It shows us who we were, are, and the possibilities of what we can be.

The best example I can think of here is Bandstand. Bandstand asks us to view the story of men who come home from war, and people suffering from PTSD and grief. War is a sad truth.

But also, Love is truth. It’s the reason we exist and the reason we do art. Because we love truth. The truth is that we all deserve to be loved and that’s why art revolves around love.

Love is healing. When we can finally accept and let love in, that’s when we heal.

When we see those who have been through we what have, it reminds us that we are all connected to the universe. That what pains us has pained our ancestors for all times and is what makes us human. And that there is hope for us. Seeing people express their truth allows us to express our truth – and when we open that door (in the words of Frozen, another example of a story of the importance of allowing ourselves to love) and allow ourselves to speak it about, we let love in. and when we let love in, we let healing in.

That’s what art does. It heals. That’s why art matters and why we need more good art.


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