Its the second day of 2018 and I’ve finally decided on the word I’m gonna focus on this year. IMPROVEMENT. Improving myself and everything around me. Focus on personal development, continue on the track of my 2017 word, vulnerability, rise up and fight more!

The first thing I’ll be trying to do this year is improve myself. I’m hoping to do a lot of self-reflection this year. I’m gonna give my space to actually analyze some of my flaws and work on fixing them. Becoming less selfish and lazy, more giving and hard working. I’ll be working to improve my situation by taking some next steps hopefully in my career and looking for new opportunities. Being braver.

My word for 2017 was vulnerability, openness. I hope to continue this year to be even MORE open with my struggles, continue counseling to focus on both this and improvement.

Also, with all the negative things, another thing I resolve to do this year is to resist more, join more in protesting the wrongs in the world and take action to improve the world.

I’m excited to join in this journey in 2018 with all of you! Hope you all have a wonderful year.


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